I.T.C Profile

I.T.C (Iran Tender Company) has been setup in order to inform National and international organization about the current Tenders under offer in Islamic Republic of Iran.
The current situation is that all tenders which come out are offered in various news papers locally and we saw the need to bring all these under one roof, to allow foreign companies from various sectors of industry to consider and participate in these tenders. Our well experienced staff is trained to obtain tender documents for the interested parties and dispatch the documents as soon as they are ordered. If required we can represent these organizations and advise them on the current law and regulations and ensure their interest is upheld here.
Any documents can be quickly translated, and can be checked against the requirements. Any Bid Bonds required can be collected and included with the documents and if an offer is not successful, the Bid bond can be collected and returned to the interested party accordingly. Basically our office is at your service as you please.
The company builds strong, long-term relationships with customers by maintaining market- leading standards of service and support.
ITC strongly believes that the foundation of any organization’s success is its culture, which can only be achieved through investment in people and infrastructure.
ITC continues to invest in its staff ensuring they are experts in their field. Personal development is monitored and reviewed regularly offering staff the opportunity to take part in a range of internal and external training.
If a visit is required, by an interested party, we can arrange for you to be picked up from the airport, arrange hotel accommodation, a translator, and a car with a driver, arrange meetings and seminars for you, and, ensure you meet the right people at the right level.
The tenders advertised in our Websites are government official international tenders, and you can be sure of their legitimacy and be sure the budget has been allocated. Basically you won't be wasting your time.
There will be a report given to you when possible of the companies attending the Tenders and the winner will be announced and in most cases, there will be reasons technically or on price bases for the winner, you can use this information to pitch yourself better next time, if your bid was not successful.
We are running a professional office with all the latest office technology installed, allowing you to hold meetings, send Emails, fax, use of secretarial service, Advice on legal matters etc.
Islamic Republic of Iran is an important country in the region with good economical prospects, with a sound foreign currency reserve, and with a government which has put a lot of emphasis in economical growth. With the new laws passed by the parliament to protect foreign investments, with both Oil and gas reserves for many years to come, and a population of some seventy million, and a country 4 times the size of France, it would be wise for any international organization to consider dealings with Iran. If you are interested in any of the tenders listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Your interest is our Interest.


Customer Care

Iran Tender staff are continuously striving to provide an exceptional service. Our technical support helpdesk consists of highly experienced industry knowledgeable support engineers who are also taken through customer care training in order to offer you the very best service possible.

We need to know your views on a regular basis, good or bad and with this feedback we can endeavour to make changes for the better and therefore continue to help our business help your business.

Iran Tender Company understand the 'peace of mind' concept, which is why we continue to monitor our network 24 hours a day. In the unlikely event that an issue could arise this enables us to predict quickly and therefore inform our customers before you are affected.

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